Cookin’ up business

Over the years I’ve had many roles in the hospitality industry. Everything from catering to restaurants to clubs to food carts.

While still in high school, I opened a restaurant with 2 friends. This involved training of staff, costing of recipes, and managing the back of house kitchen operations.

I operated one of Vancouver’s first food carts back in the 90’s. This was way before any of the food trucks that you see today. Also, I have experience in franchises. I successfully opened and ran the first Licenced Starbucks at a Canadian university.

In 2010, I was part of the team that catered to the 2010 Winter Olympic events at Doug Mitchell Arena. My best day during the event was getting to take the Olympiad (A.K.A. Electric Zamboni) for a spin around the ice and getting a snapshot of myself on center ice.

I have retail grocery and multi-unit management experience. I successfully managed multiple convenience stores and managed meat and seafood departments of a grocery store.

While many parts of my career have revolved around food, beverages, entertainment, and hospitality. I’ve developed many skills that are not easily determined by job titles alone. More about this in my other posts.

Thanks for reading.